Burning Man NYC

DecomPRESSION 2019

was Sat Sept. 28


Decompressing from Burning Man 2019, the NYC Burner Community continues its Metamorphosis by producing its first large-scale Decom since 2009.

On September 28th, we swarm to a 3000 person venue with 16 insides/outside spaces and 9 sound-systems being activated by multiple theme camps, artists, performers and all of you who are stepping up to get involved.


52-19 Flushing Ave. Queens, NY 11378


All Day - All Night - All Ages: 1pm-7pm, - 21+: 7pm-4am


Eclosión = The emergence of an adult [insect] from its pupa or larval stage

The final chapter of the Burning Man 2019 Metamorphoses theme, NYC gathers to decompress, reconnect and begin hatching new plans for 2020.

For DECOM 2019, all are welcome in any form of playa style or, to play along with the theme, consider art and costumery that elevates, illuminates or transforms. Morph as any insectoid or amphibian inspired species or realize your own interpretation as numerous east coast community members infest the Knockdown center, coming together in our full, combined glory.

This is an official Burning Man Regional event produced by your New York City Burning Man Regional team and many community member volunteers. Neither Burning Man nor Black Rock City LLC is a producer or organizer of the event. However, this IS a Burning Man sanctioned decompression event.