Your Burning Man Regional Representative will provide a full Afterburn report within 30 day of the close of the event.

Official Burning Man Decompression Status:

NYC 2019 DECOM event qualifies as an Official Burning Man Regional Event and has been sanctioned by Burning Man LLC. as a result:

All accounting related to the event are transparent (the financials related to the event are reported to the community publicly within 30 days of the conclusion of the event). As the producers, we agree not to use the event to generate revenues or profits to be distributed to ourselves, any entity associated with us, or any other individual, and no revenues or profits from the event may be so distributed. We will use all net revenues from the event to produce another Official Burning Man Regional Event, if such an event is authorized in writing by Burning Man, or to otherwise uphold and manifest the values described in Burning Man’s Ten Principles through art and culture, education, civic engagement, and human services.

Plan for Potential Profits from Burning Man NYC Decompression

As an officially-sanctioned event, it is recommended that we donate 10% of profits to the Burning Man Org.

After that we would use funds for administration costs (such as legal & application fees for setting up a 501c3) that would allow us to continue to have a long term benefit on the community. From there, a capital fund will be created to facilitate the production of next year's events.

Finally, funds will be used for an art grant program. The art grant program is aimed at helping to facilitate the creative process through public art, education and events. The art grant program will be open to applications by the community for any New York City based artist/educator who is building art to be brought to Burning Man, building art for Decompression, or building art for BM-related events in NYC. The application form and criteria will be published in November. We will prioritize funding of highly interactive, community-driven, collaborative works of art that are accessible to the public and civic in scope.

We expect to have applications open until just before the Annual NYC Playa Arts Preview event, artist will be notified in the late spring and funds will be transferred in early summer. If you are interested in being on the review board, you may apply by filling out the form at:

2019 Decompression (constantly updating) Organizational Chart

Theresa Shiny )'( Volunteer Lead & Pre-production

Daniel Zen )'( Event & ART Lead

Stefan Spins )'( Venue & Theme Camp LEAD & TREASURER

MAnon métais )'( PRoduction Assistant

Gene Harrison )'( Event Logistics Lead

Kurt Ritta )'( Video Lead

Sandi Levine )'( Medical Lead

Rachel Eisley )'( Decor LeaD

Stephen Stuart )'( kids/family lead

Tara McManus )'( Pyrotechnics Lead